Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heartbreak Free Lyrics by Victoria Celine Tate

Wake up in the morning
Thinking of you..
Yeah it's true. Oh yeah
No more lying, no more crying
I can already see it now
I'll lose ya somehow

I wanna be heart break free! x2
I wanna go home tonight
Knowin everything is alright between us.


Wait a second, a minute
Conversation's not over
Hold up don't talk to me
Like that boy Im not, yo Soldier
You think you can walk around
Actin like it never happened
You need a wake-up call
Cuz this isn't all.
Need to lose the attitude
It's not workin out for you
You need do think a little more
Before I shove you out the door
Go berserk, no more lying
I can't stand all the crying
Oh oh no no no no
N n n nooo


Now you say please don't leave me
And I listen to your stories
I said don't call or text anymore
It's getting boring
You still try to come around
Telling me that you're sorry
Don't wanna hear no more
I'm closin the door
You need to stop this fantasy
You're not getting back with me
Can't mend this broken heart
Gave you chances from the start
Shut your mouth, just quit lying
I listen to your crying
Oh oh no no no no
N n n noooo

Chorus x3

Original video!

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